Tuesday, December 12, 2006

SCGIS Global Scholarship Program 2007

The Society for Conservation GIS
2007 Global Scholarship Program Announcement

This is not a typical scholarship program!

Rather, it is a support program that covers SOME of the costs to allow you attend the best Conservation GIS conferences in the world this summer and join in a very tight-knit community of friends in specialized 2-week training courses around these conferences. Local travel and accommodations provided will be simple and plain so that we can afford to include as many people as possible, and you may be asked to pay for some of these costs. These support grants are PARTIAL in that you contribute some of the costs yourself and you are expected to do a lot of work as a scholar. These grants are competitive in that your application will be considered in comparison to others, evaluating your work, your activism with NGO's, your needs and your resources in relation to the environmental and economic issues of your region.

This year, an important policy change occurred in the program: we are merging what used to be two scholarship programs, Domestic Program for USA/Canada/Puerto Rico applicants and International Program for all other countries, into one program under the title SCGIS Global Scholarship Program. This will allow us to use a unified approach for evaluation of all applications we receive, and to provide a better integration of the two programs.

Awardees of the SCGIS Global Scholarship Program 2007 will be invited to visit California to receive 2 weeks of training on general GIS technology and on conservation applications in GIS that will be conducted on June 4-16 in Redlands , CA , and at the James Reserve, a biological station run by the University of California . After the trainings, the awardees will have an opportunity to attend the 27th ESRI International User Conference in San Diego , CA on June 18-22, and the 10th SCGIS Annual Conference in Monterey , CA on June 25-28. At these two conferences, the scholarship awardees will be able to present results of their work, meet the colleagues from all over the world, and learn about the most recent trends in GIS technology.

Application Deadline is January 31st, 2007.

For detailed information, guidelines and forms please go to:


(the latter link allows you also to submit the application through an online form).

Applicants may direct questions to Roberta Pickert, SCGIS International Committee, rpickert@archbold-station.org .

Charles Convis, SCGIS International Committee
Miriam Schmidts, SCGIS Domestic Committee

Monday, December 11, 2006

VI congreso de la AMER

La encrucijada del México Rural.

Contrastes regionales en un mundo desigual.


Del 22 al 26 de Octubre de 2007

Ver convocatoria